Resizing Image to 240 X 240

There was an issue on the on the Google Code In 2017 website of FOSSASIA. It has a requirement to upload the image in a mention size of 240 X 240 pixel on the website. One of the contributor has uploaded the image in a different dimension. I too had a Google Code-In task to resolve any issue to passed that.
Then I came across an issue to set the images to 240 X 240. I asked to assign me the task.
First I fork the GCI17 site of FOSSASIA. Then I cloned the forked repo.
After that I started searching for the directory which contains the images folder which leads me to several folders. From where I searched for blog folder as the issue which I was solving is the fault in the blog image.
Now I cut the image to my desktop. I seached for images resizing webapp on google which shows several sites. I visited one site which ask me for the image upload then it asks for the required size. I type 240 X 240 and choose the unit as pixel.
Then it converted the image and downloaded it. I pasted the image in the eaxct location where I cut the original image from blog folder under img directory. Then I renamed the image to the exact name as it was old.
It was exactly like the same old condition but the only thing changed is the ratio of image resolution.
Now its time to push all the changes made by me.
I then add the file where changes has been made using git add. Then I made a commit using git commit -m “commit messasge”.
Then I pushed the changes in the forked repo using git push origin gh-pages. Then I made a pull request for my changes to get merged to complete the task.
Then I went it the setting of repo and then to the Github Pages option to build the webapp in the on Github Page. Through this way the mentors can review the changes made by me. (
The travis is used in the repo for continuous integration. Since the repo is based on Jekyll, it is required to build it to run. So travis is used here to perform that task. Here Travis has decided to break the task into two job to shorten the time period. When I looked out the issue ( I found a link to Travis job ( where the problem is and this is the reason of failing test of travis in the previous commits.
As before my pull request got accepted I got a message of arise of merge conflict. I was surprised that no one is working on that particular directory then how the conflict may arise. I was even more surprised to came to know that it was a merge conflict in a image file. I pull the repo again and found that the image file is missing. I copied the old converted image file to the location and push the changes. Thus I completed the task ( and solved the issue (


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