My Interaction with FOSSASIA

Hello World,

I’m a student in class 11th from a small city. I first came in interaction with FOSSASIA through Google Code In 2016. I was not one of the geek of coding and open-source. My school in which I’m studying was not one of the coding related and they mostly deal with academics.

It was the last year winter when my school got closed and I was nothing to do. Then I came across GCI with the help of my brother. I first learnt basic HTML/CSS and I put my image on the GCI website of FOSSASIA.

Then I found about the Github Pages. It was really great since I am able to see the changes made by me by publishing my own website. The mentors are really supporting of FOSSASIA since they provide immense support for one to complete the task.


I came across lots of technologies that I was not aware of and it helped me a lot in completing the task.

Heroku – I can deploy my website here and tell people the URL to visit the site.
Travis – Its like a whole new system, where you can use to compile and run the program.


There are lots of project of FOSSASIA that I like but the one which I like the most is SUSI. I have keen interest in bots, artificial intelligence and machine learning. And I think SUSI is one of that kind.

In recent time, I’m very much fascinated by Google Assistant and Siri. Seeing them and SUSI, I want to develop SUSI upto that level. The good is that I have source code with me to config and test my changes right away. I need to learn lots of things before proceeding, I don’t much right now, but I have my interest in it.

Open-Source Application:

I use Chrome as a web browser, VLC as a media player, and atom,sublime as a text editor. I tried Libre Office for writing purpose.

Communication Channel:

There are lots of channel I know like telegram, slack, gitter, irc. For communicating with FOSSSAIA I mostly use Gitter.

Projects and Technologies to learn:

As I told, I mostly most my interest toward AI and ML. I am also interest in Android development. I used android phones and whenever I came across any glitch, bug in the app, I started searching for the mediums to reach to the developers and report them.

I believe that not just solving but reporting issues also comes under contribution since if I wouldn’t tell the developers then how would they improve. That is the reason I also like beta programs. From where I am also able to checkout the feature as well as help the community too.

I also want to learn Android and want to have my own application on playstore and I would love to see people using my application. I want to become that much level of developer in Android that Google community should start releasing my patches as a OTA update to the android devices.



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